Is Apple working on a gaming console with Valve?

On Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted making a visit to the HQ of American game developer Valve Corporation. Many have speculated that this visit is directly linked to a gaming console that the two are developing together. There have been rumors surrounding both companies and a games console for a couple of weeks now. Last week there were rumors that Valve were working on a so called “Steam Box”, a console that would run alongside Valve’s popular gaming service Steam. And a couple of weeks ago, we brought you a rumor that Apple was working on some kind of gaming controller, leading many to make the jump to a console as well.

Then came an interesting blog entry from Valve’s Michael Abrash. He claims that Valve are working on a new hardware project that he described as “wearable computing”.

“By ‘wearable computing’ I mean mobile computing where both computer-generated graphics and the real world are seamlessly overlaid in your view; there is no separate display that you hold in your hands (think Terminator vision)”

Now he says “think Terminator vision”, but I find myself thinking of Google’s Project Glass.   The technology won’t be available for a long time, maybe 3 – 5 years, so don’t get too excited for now.

If Apple and Steam are collaborating, what do you think might emerge?

But what was Tim Cook doing there? Metro suggests that whilst he may have been over to talk about “wearable computing”, it’s difficult to imagine Apple aren’t working on something like that already. Elsewhere, Cult of Mac believe that Apple and Steam are collaborating on the afore mentioned “Steam Box”, they also reckon it will incorporate some kind of Kinect-esque montion sensing technology.

Personally, the wearable computing idea sounds a little bit far fetched, not the concept, but the fact that Apple might be interested. For starters, Apple would have to called it iEye, which would just be silly. A ‘Steam Box’ sounds more plausible, but I find it very hard to believe that Apple would tie themselves to something that they hadn’t designed themselves. If Apple happen to buy out Valve sometime soon, I might change my mind on that one.

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  • Zach

    Well, isn’t it obvious? As rediculous as it may seem, Apple’s been keeping the gaming industry in the back of its mind for quite a while now. I seem to remember Steve Jobs introducing the original Halo for Macintosh over a decade ago. Then, Microsoft bought Bungie, the game’s developer, and Steve was ticked off. Halo became a huge success. It seems almost everything that Jobs announced does. Think about it, how many other markets are there for Apple to revolutionize? This isn’t as improbable as it sounds. Actually, I’ve been wondering when Apple would step in on video games for a long time. Now, with both the iOS App Store and its Mac counterpart, Apple is in a perfect position to launch something related to gaming… We’ll just have to wait and see, as with everything Apple. Rumors don’t always prove to be true, and I can only imagine what CEO Tim Cook could have been doing at Value’s headquarters. Lets not forget that Valve makes both its own games and a software platform to run them on, Steam.