Apple’s Tim Cook and Samsung CEO meeting for settlement talks

Steve Jobs’ comments regarding Android, and wanting to go “thermonuclear” for copying the iPhone will be words not easily forgotten by anyone. During last year, the legal heat intensified as Cupertino’s lawyers got involved in legal scuffles against Samsung in Germany, Australia and the States. Apple’s late, great, founder was clearly serious. Other cases have cropped up since then, including a few rounds against Motorola and HTC.

Tim Cook’s company and Sammy are fighting each other over two cases in California, and it looks as though the judge, Joseph C. Spero has had enough of the bickering. He requested that the two meet up to try and settle the cases. CEOs and Legal counsel from both sides will be expected to show up and discuss why settling may or may not be in either of their best interests.

“As directed by the Court, Apple and Samsung are both willing to participate in a Magistrate Judge Settlement Conference with Judge Spero as mediator. At Apple, the chief executive officer and general counsel are the appropriate decision-makers, and they will represent Apple during the upcoming settlement discussions. At Samsung, the chief executive officer and general counsel are also the appropriate decision-makers, and they will represent Samsung during these settlement discussions.”

As pointed out by TNW, it’s not likely that any agreement will be made. But, the two CEOs and their respective counsels will be trying to get across what the best course of action is. We’re yet to see whether Tim Cook has the same desire to destroy Android as his predecessor has. But, if the outcome of the get together is positive, there’s every reason to expect that it could have a good effect on the lawsuits elsewhere.

Via: TNW, FOSS Patents

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