100 Reasons to Jailbreak [video]

This really great video comes from JailbreakMatrix.com (via Cult of Mac) and highlights some of the best reasons to consider jailbreaking. In the past I was one of those that found the safety of Apple’s “walled garden” too comfortable until I got fed up with it. I jailbroke my iPhone as soon as the untethered hack was out for iPhone 4S. I’m a convert.

In the past, the hacking community was frowned upon for appearing to “break the rules”, but since it became legal in the US, it’s not seen as such a taboo anymore. Yes, it can void your warranty, and if you don’t use it right – it can also make your phone sluggish, or stop it from working. The trick is: get to know what you’re doing.

Have you ever jailbroken your iPhone? Why or why not? Comment below or tweet me: @TiP_Cam.

This article is presented for informational purposes only. Jailbreaking can void Apple’s iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad warranty. Any efforts or attempts at jailbreaking is done at the sole discretion of the user. Today’s iPhone assumes no liability or responsibility for any resulting user actions, software or hardware glitches or revocation of warranties. Proceed at your own risk.

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