Use your iPhone to make stop-motion and time lapse videos with Frames

For any aspiring animator or cinematographer, the hardest thing is getting hold of good professional equipment, enabling you to create cool effects, and great looking shots. Like the wise old saying goes though: the best camera is the one in your pocket. I love stop motion animation, there’s something about knowing about the time and effort that goes in to each second of film that fills me with awe. Films like Coraline, and Wallace and Gromit, are among some of my favorites.

So, what if you’re sitting out with nothing but an iPhone and an incredible sunset and cloud formation in the sky? Taking a photo is one thing, capturing the beauty with a time lapsed video is event better.

Frames is an app designed and released on the App Store by Studio Neat. It allows you to use your camera to create your own stop motion, or time lapse videos.

– Capture and export in 720p HD quality.
– Manual or Automatic shutter settings for making stop motion or time-lapse movies.
– Exposure and Focus lock
– Onion Skin
– Grid
– Frames Per Second adjustments
– Ability to add frames to a preexisting project.
– Use either the front or back camera.

The app is available now for $2.99, and is compatible with iPhone 4/4S and 4th generation iPod touch, providing you’re running iOS 5 or later. (Link to app.)

Trailer below is in Flash (sorry).

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