AT&T expanding LTE network

One of the new iPad’s biggest improvements is the inclusion of 4G LTE technology. If you’re willing to pay a monthly fee, you can nab an iPad that’s connected to the latest and greatest in mobile data on Sprint or Verizon. And, just in time for the release of the new iPad on March 16, AT&T has announced that it will roll out its LTE network to 12 more cities over the next few months.

-Naples, FL
-Bloomington, IN
-Lafayette, IN
-Muncie, IN
-Baton Rouge, LA
-New Orleans, LA
-St. Louis, MO
-Akron, OH
-Canton, OH
-Cleveland, OH
-Bryan-College Station, TX
-NYC-Staten Island, NY (expansion of existing NYC market)

So, if you’re located in one of these places, you’re options just got slightly better. Unless, of course, you were hoping to use your new iPad as a mobile hotspot. In that case, you’re going to want to stay away from AT&T… sorry to put a damper on this news.


Via: Gizmodo

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