Accessory Review: Sena Sarach Ultraslim for iPhone 4/4S

Category: Cases/Skins
Model: Sarach Ultraslim
Price: $39.95
Seller: Sena
Requirements: iPhone 4/4S

TiP Rating: 5/5 stars


Sena sets itself apart from the rest when it comes to handcrafted, leather cases. The Sarach Ultraslim looks great, feels great and smells great. Everything you could possibly want from a simple leather pouch.


Having reviewed plenty of plastic cases I was delighted to get my hands on a Sena leather case. (Spoiler: more on their way.) The Sarach Ultraslim is Sena’s thinnest case for iPhone made from soft Italian Napa pebble leather (feels great to the touch). It’s hand stitched has a a really attractive hand-sewn saddle-stitched design on the front. On the inside is a micro velvet layer that protects your iPhone from scratches, and keeps it clean. It’s available in six different color combinations. I got the brown leather and cream stitching.

I love leather cases. I may rate plenty of plastic cases highly, appreciate how well they do their job, and how comfortable they are to hold. But when it comes to personal preference, I always choose a slim leather pouch. And this is the king of pouches. The design couldn’t be any simpler. It’s essential a tight-fitting pocket for your iPhone made of Italian leather. There are no tassels, bells, whistles or pull ribbons. There are two holes at the bottom over the device’s mic and speaker grills, but that’s it.

With a leather case, I’m always wary that removing my iPhone could be difficult. Not so with the Sarach Ultraslim. Thanks to the leather being so soft and flexible, pulling your iPhone out is a breeze, aided further by the convenient gaps left to grip the top of your device. In fact, the leather is so soft, I could scrunch it in to a ball in my hand, and it would still return to its original form with no damage or creasing. The material used is perfect.

My other worry was with how well the stitching would hold. Testing it out, I gave each seam a strong tug, and to my pleasure, it held marvellously. It’s well stitched, incredibly well made and durable. And you know, that even as it gets older, the leather will look and feel better with age.

Now clearly, this case isn’t designed to be ultra-tough or waterproof like Otterbox or LifeProof accessories. It’s supposed to compliment that premium iPhone feel, and decorate it. It gives you something practical that ensures your iOS-powered smartphone is protected in your pocket or handbag. And thanks to its super-slimness, there’s no real extra bulk in your pocket. I love it. And, I’d pay more than $39.95 for it. It’s a fantastic leather pouch, that suits me right down to the ground.


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