Accessory Review: Cygnett Paparazzi flip case for iPhone 4/4S

Category: Cases/Skins
Model: Paparazzi
Price: $29.99
Seller: Cygnett
Requirements: iPhone 4/4S

TiP Rating: 3.5/5 stars


The Paparazzi is a glamour chasing flip case that provides a surprising level of protection. Its extra cushioning and microfiber lining set it apart from similar cases from other manufacturers. Saying that, the protective flip down cover often gets in the way when texting.


First things first, this case wasn’t designed for men. The stereotypical male wouldn’t be caught dead near an animal print, PVC case, especially with a name like Paparazzi. But still, it’s a great case. A little different to previous offerings we’ve reviewed from Cygnett, but upholding the brand’s strength.

When you first look at it, you expect the Paparazzi to merely provide some eye candy, making your iPhone appear glamorous. Protection is far from your mind. As long as it looks good with your black handbag, and matching boots, and stops your keys from gauging marks out in the glass display, you’re good. But that’s where you’d be wrong. It offers a fantastic level of protection for this type of case. The flip down cover is incredibly well cushioned, and is lined with a microfiber lining, to keep your iPhone from being scratched and damaged.

On the top of the case, a secure clip grips on to the iPhone’s external antenna. It holds well, but is easily removed when needed. At the bottom, two thin straps ensure that the dock connector is easily accessible and – thanks to some well placed holes – ensure that the speaker and mic aren’t covered up. On the left, volume and mute switches are readily available at all times, as are the lock key and headset jack on top. A really neat cutout on the back leaves you free to snap any photos you want.

Thanks to its design, it means if you do get a call or text whilst on the go, you can easily flip down the front cover, and answer. That being said, it’s only comfortable in portrait mode. Texting in landscape is something of a nightmare. The flip can’t be comfortable tucked away, it’s just there, forcing you to adjust the way you type. You can hold it back with your right hand, but it’s not pleasant.

Despite its one obvious shortcoming, I’m yet to see this type of case being made any better. I’m still surprised at how much I like it, and enjoy having it on my device. It looks good, and protects my prize possession well. Another quality case, made by Cygnett.


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