Accessory Review: Case Closed Pure Wool case for new iPad

Category: Cases/Skins
Model: Case for new iPad
Price: £29.00 ($46 USD)
Seller: Case Closed
Requirements: New iPad

TiP Rating: 3/5 stars


If you’re after a quirky, hand-made, woollen iPad case that fits in with your down to earth style, look no further. Just don’t look at the price tag..


When choosing an iPad case, it’s easy to go for the big name brands like Cygnett, Griffin, Zagg or Belkin. But, what if you’re after something truly unique that you know none of your friends will have? That’s when the British company, Case Closed comes in. All cases made are designed and hand stitched in the UK.

I chose the charcoal grey case. The design is as simple as it could be. It’s essentially a woollen pocket for your beloved iPad. You have the option to choose a case with our without a felt tab. I chose the design with. Not only does it stop your tablet from sliding out, it also transforms the case from looking dull and lifeless, in to being minimalist and clean. You can also choose whether you want to have one that fits a Smart Cover-equipped iPad, or no.

Quality is superb. The wool is dense and very well stitched. I tried ripping the seams apart to see how they’d cope under pressure, my fingers caved and the seams were going nowhere. I know that while my new tablet is in there, It will survive most of what my life could throw at it. Granted, it probably won’t help your iPad survive a 30 foot drop, or being run over by a car. But, for keeping your Apple powered slate protected from the daily grind, it will do an adequate job.

My biggest issue with the case is that I just don’t quite get it. Sure, it does what it’s meant to do – but – essentially it’s a strip of wool that’s been folded in half and sewn down the sides. For the £29 ($46 USD) being asked I’d feel a tad ripped off. I get that it’s hand made, and that it’s not being done cheaply in a sweat shop in Asia. But that cost just feels too steep considering what I’m getting is essentially a pocket made from wool.

Although this case clearly offers something unique, minimalist and earthy to the market, and offers a different style angle, is it worth the outlay? I’m not sure.



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