Tim Cook on Facebook and iOS: “…could do more together”

Despite not being an insanely obvious new addition. Twitter’s integration in to iOS has been a huge success, and one of the best parts of iOS 5. Users love being able to tweet an image without leaving the camera roll and opening a separate app. Questions were asked of Apple, as to why they hadn’t taken the same approach with Facebook. It appears however, that it may be Zuckerberg&Co who are holding any potential deal up.

At a shareholders meeting, Tim Cook stated that they don’t have any issues with Facebook.

“Facebook [is a] friend. We do a lot with them, and our users use Facebook an enormous amount.”

Clearly then, Cook is well aware of the benefits Facebook integration could bring. He also stated that he would love for them to do more together:

“I’ve always thought that the two companies could do more together,” he said. “We’ve integrated Twitter … It’s been great for Twitter, and it’s been equally great for our users.”

So, what’s the hold up? Is it that Facebook and HTC had some sort of deal in place with the travesty that was the Cha Cha? The “Like” button equipped QWERTY handset was a disaster. But, there’s likely some agreement in place making it unlikely that any other company can have Facebook so deeply integrated in the software. Of course, I’m guessing. But I can’t think of many other reasons why the most popular social network in the world won’t partner up with the most popular smartphone in the world. Surely it’s a match made in iHeaven?

Via: CultOfMac

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