Social Saturday: Will Macs run iOS?

Facebook user Daniel O. asks “Do you think all of Apple’s devices will run iOS eventually since Mountain Lion has many features that can be found on the iPad”

My short answer is yes… and no. I mean, the tagline for OS X Mountain Lion clearly states that the features hitting out Macs are straight out of iOS. It seems as though Apple’s been looking to unify it’s operating systems for some time now, and Mountain Lion is a major step in that direction.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that no matter how similar the OS on a MacBook could be to the OS on an iPhone, the two can never and will never be exactly the same for the same reason that iOS on iPhone is slightly different that iOS on iPad. The devices have fundamental differences that necessitate differences in software.

That being said, though, the iPhone’s iOS may be different that the iPad’s iOS, but they’re still both iOS. So, somewhere down the line, I could totally see the iPhone, iPad and MacBook all running AppleOS or something. There would be differences depending on the device, but at the core, it would be the same OS.

Of course, when this OS unification does happen, it’ll mean significant changes on both sides. iOS will adopt some more desktop-y features and, as we can see in Mountain Lion, OS X will get more and more features from our favorite portable devices.

And while I think it’s clear that we will see a single Apple operating system eventually, I’m not so sure I’m happy about it. I’m not crazy about Notes in OS X, and I really don’t care for Notifications Center, which is actually one of my favorite things about iOS 5. I’m sure Apple will make the transition in a way that is beneficial to most users, but I fear that will mean a Final-Cut-Pro-ification of the Mac. (For those that don’t know, Final Cut Pro is Apple’s professional-grade video editing software and, in the latest release, the software totally overhauled to suit the average consumer, effectively rendering it more of iMove Plus. Not good.)

What do you guys think? Will we see a unified operating system across all of Apple’s devices? And, if so, will you be happy about it? Comment below or tweet me here!

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