Simplexity – multitasking with a twist! [Jailbreak App Review]

Let’s face it: the iOS 4 and 5 multitasking bar is just plain boring. So why not spice it up a little bit? Give Simplexity a try! Simplexity is a beautiful alternative to the native iOS multitasking bar. Containing all the features of the original multitasking panel, but also adding a few more, Simplexity makes multitasking on your iDevice just plain fun.

As seen in the image above, Simplexity has a vast assortment of options and customizations that allow you to tweak your multitasking window to your hearts content. With dazzling effects such as ‘Blur Background’ and ‘Round Corners’, how could you possibly go wrong? Simplexity also allows you to change the background color of your multitasking window, TableView, and also the border.

While the features noted above are more than enough to persuade you to switch to Simplexity, Fr0zen Sun, the mastermind behind this project, has not only given you the ability to adjust the color of the text that appears within the application, but has included RGB sliders that allow you to get virtually any color you could possibly imagine. A very, very nice touch.

If you would like to see Simplexity in action, take a look at this short video:

While Simplexity is an absolutely phenomenal substitution to iOS’ native multitasking, it does come at a pretty decent price of $2.99.  However, I can fully assure you that it would be three dollars well spent. Simplexity is a feature-packed application that makes iOS multitasking not only clean and user-friendly, but it’s just plain fun. With all of the beautifully crafted effects and tweaks that are included, Simplexity will keep you busy for hours upon hours, just playing with all the different gadgets this application has to offer. If you’d like to pick up this magnificent masterpiece, you can find it in the BigBoss repo. Installation is simple (just install it as you would any other Cydia application), and will have you bleeding joy in no time. Thank you for your time, and be sure to check back every Monday and Thursday for more jailbreak reviews, tweaks, and tutorials.

Name: Simplexity
Price: $2.99
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: Fr0zen Sun
Rating: 1,000,000/5

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[photos courtesy of ModMyi]

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