Rumor: iPhone 5 will be unveiled at WWDC in June

A short, sharp and precise speculative post was published today over at Commercial Times, a Chinese news site (via DigiTimes).

Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 5 smartphone at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to be held in June 2012, the Chinese-language Commercial Times quoted Daiwa Securities as indicating.

That’s pretty much the full article. The only addition was mention of touch screen technologies remaining the same, and using the same manufacturers. Unfortunately, there’s no more inside information on whether or not it will have a 4″ display, if it will be edge-to-edge, 4G, quad-core etc. And to be honest, I’m glad. We hear rumors regarding spec sheets all the time. Chances are, that someone will be right even if they’re guessing. That could be the case here too.

Last year’s World Wide Developer’s Conference was used to showboat Apple’s software: iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud. Each of the three were such big improvements, that they demanded to be the center of attention for once. This time around, that’s not going to happen. Mac OS X won’t likely get another major update for a year or two, iOS 5 has only been out since October. So, what could Apple possibly use WWDC for? To get the numbers piled in through the doors, it will need to be a new device, and nothing creates hype like a new iPhone. (Or a TV set perhaps?)

Will you be upset if Apple launched a new device so soon after the 4S? Do you think Apple will use it to unveil something else?

Via: DigiTimes



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