New iPhone 5 mockup appears, teases with glowing Apple logo

A new iPhone 5 mock-up has made its way online (Kudos to 9to5Mac). The latest, from Ciccarese Design, shows a slightly unconventional shape for an iPhone. Despite looking awesome, it’s not exactly Apple-y and would most likely never find its way on to Jony Ive’s sketch pad. In truth, it looks like a Magic Mouse. Saying that, I’m all in favor of a curved back and would welcome its return with wide open arms.

However much I love the idea of having a glowing Apple logo on the back of my phone, for battery drainage reasons I can’t imagine it ever being put in to production. Similarly, having the lock key and headset jack on the right hand side of the phone is impractical, and goes against every iPhone design since 2007.

I have to be honest. I love looking at concepts and mockups, just to see what other designers and tech lovers would like to see in the next iPhone. I wonder how much attention Apple pays to these guys. We know that Cupertino has snapped a few software developers before now, thanks to some interesting software concepts. What do you think? Do you like the Magic Mouse design?

Via: 9to5Mac

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