Will Apple’s business assault benefit the rest of us?

Until today, rumors about Apple’s planned expansion into the world of business were, well… rumors. The wheels have finally been set in motion however, as Apple recently rolled out ads for some new positions in the company all across America, namely sales executives.

In the last few months, Microsoft has slowly begun to lose its grip on the corporate market as demand has increased for iOS products. Last year 46% of companies in North America and Europe issued Macs to its employees, based on a survey conducted by Forrester Research. Analyst Frank Gillet has commented on the move saying the ads are “”strong evidence that Apple is responding to the demands of companies for a direct, formal relationship” with its business customers.

What does this mean for the future of iDevices? Well, the way I see it, the demand made by those in business could see more business friendly features added to our devices, hopefully for the better. It will lead to Apple pushing its products to suit this market, ahopefully, our devices will benefit from the same technological innovations and improvements, such as longer battery life, connectivity and cloud computing innovations, and better tech support when all the new ideas break down in their early days.

One of the most appealing factors when it comes to Apple in business, is the concept that Apple devices can be used in both the corporate sector, and as a personal device, with a seamless transfer between the two. You show everyone your latest marketing slideshow on Friday afternoon, and then you come home and play Temple Run, watch films, view photos and connect with friends.

That’s my view, but what benefits do you think this venture will bring? And are the benefits confined to Apple? Or will they also come to businesses that utilise the scheme to their own advantage? Post up Below!

Via: USA Today

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