Rumor: 4″ iPhone 5/6 release next summer, “thicker” iPad 3 in March

iLounge, a relatively quiet iPhone blog when it comes to rumor spills has been in touch with its most reliable source. The source claims that Apple is planning a couple of newly designed iDevices next year, as well as a new range of MacBooks.

iPad 3

According to the source, the iPad 3 will be slightly thicker than the iPad 2. This is to allow room for the dual light bar system that will be needed to ensure the extra pixels in the higher resolution display are adequately lit. The third generation tablet will allegedly measure in at 9.5mm, 0.7mm thicker than the iPad 2. Still, it’s almost 4mm thinner than the original iPad. (Besides, I always thought the iPad 2 was a little on the skinny side.) The device is scheduled to launch in March, sticking with the usual 12-month release cycle.

.iPhone 5/6/LTE?

iPhone 4S disappointed, lets not kid ourselves. What we’d hoped for and what we got were drastically different. Having said that, it’s selling incredibly well and continues to be emptied off shelves across the globe. iLounge’s source claims that the next iPhone will have a 4″ display, 0.5″ bigger than the current iPhone. It will be a welcome change, but it will add some length to the device. Speculation is that it will be around 8mm longer than the iPhone 4. Allegedly, it won’t be the teardrop design seen in pre-launch mockups earlier this year. However, it will apparently be launched in the summer, so we may only be waiting 10 months or so before the next generation iPhone hits our stores.

.MacBook Pro

Not much here, just that we could see a beefed up and slimmed down MacBook Pro next year. Can’t wait to see a new generation of Macs, if they’re coming.

What are you most looking forward to? A higher resolution iPad? A large screened iPhone? Or, the new notebook? Weigh in with your opinions below, or tweet me.

Via: iLounge, MacRumors

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  • Thicker iPad andĀ lengthier iPhone? Bring Steve Jobs back!

    • Anonymous

      lol i agree. resurrect him from the grave!

    • Guest

      Steve Jobs left a 4-year plan for Apple. Ā He undoubtedly has approved these plans, if the rumors indeed prove to be true.

    • Guest

      Yeah if rumors are true then Jobs worked on this upcoming iPhone up until his death, so its what he wanted.

    • Guest

      Lol mind u it’s just 0.7mm doesn’t really make much difference overall..and by the way, it’s because of the extra resolution..0.7mm is barely noticeable please -.-“

  • Anonymous