It all Ads up

Apple has a particular strategy when marketing the iPhones. I have always said that with all of the press it gets and its huge fan base, Apple does not even need to make commercials. However they always do, and they are always amazing. In my opinion, Apple’s commercials are as iconic as the products they sell. The one thing that I love about Apple’s commercials is that they actually show me what they are selling. I am talking about the things beyond the iPhone itself. For instance, the big new feature of the iPhone 4S is Siri. So, in the commercials, they actually show me Siri and all of the amazing things it (she?) can do.  The commercial for the camera is the same deal. I can see the quality of pictures it takes, how fast I can access the camera via the lockscreen button,  and the fact that I can edit straight from my iPhone. By the time the commercial is over, I am sold on the iPhone. (As if i needed any more convincing).

This being said, Droid commercials are completely different. For one, they are most certainly always epic. They involve robots and lighting and epic scores. They make me want to buy the phone simply for the commercial and not the phone. Their direction is more Hollywood cinematic rather than product pitch. I mean, have you seen the Droid RAZR commercial? I literally looks like a movie. Of course the ad does not show me a single thing about the phone besides what it looks like, but hey, that just makes me want to go and look at it the store…maybe buy it.

Google, with their pure Google phones, go a completely different route in terms of their commercials. They are closer to Apple, but still very distinctly Google. Again their T.V. advertisement shows off the actual features of the phone, but they do not stick with just one thing like Apple does either. Also, they focus more on the user and expanding their fan base; the ad shows all of the various uses for the Galaxy Nexus and the people who use it. The thinking behind this is that you, the audience, will relate to at least one of those people. It is a different tactic, but it obviously works because I find myself wanting this phone as well.

Does the commercial influence you at all? Do you prefer an ad that shows you the phone, or one that makes you go and see it. Chime in below or hit me up on twitter @TiP_Bryce.

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  • Avenged110

    Apple commercials always manage to make me smile, no matter what’s going on. That takes some skill.

  • Am I the only person that realized that on some of the iPhones in the 4S commercial, the upper antenna lines weren’t there?

  • Anonymous

    I like googles and apple droid bionic looks cool but not good enough
    , they should made the movie tho lol

  • Maplefreak26

    I like Google’s humor in the commercial.
    4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich = A lady eating an Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Pedobear at :31

    • Anonymous

      I notice a crooked looking ice cream sandwhich.

  • Rotorobots

    Apples And The Nexus are the best the stupid Droid commercials show nothing of what the phone does. i get the idea of if i get that phone some random person is going to break into my car and steal it?

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