iPhone 5/6 shows up in iOS 5.1 beta code as “5,1”

Although rumors of exact sizes, shapes and specs can never be relied on, iOS code can be. Each version of the iPhone’s operating system contains a list of compatible devices buried deep within its coding. Thanks to 9to5Mac we now know that a major performance boost is coming up for the next incarnation of the popular smartphone line. We already learned yesterday that the iPad 3 was mentioned within the software.

Check the image above and you’ll notice the “iPhone5,1” listed in the hardware list along with previous and current versions of the handset. What this indicates is that this handset will have new processing power and an internal redesign (hopefully external too.) The original iPhone was “1,1” with the 3G model called “1,2” because there were no real improvements in speed or performance. (GPS and 3G were the two additions.) Since then the handset has gained a new processor each time. This jump from the current “4,x” to “5,1” shows there will be some big changes on the chipset front.

I won’t be adding any speculation on what the device will feature or when it will be released. That is unknown. What I am confident of is that it will feature the A6 processor currently in the works, and due to be debuted on the iPad 3 at the beginning of next year.


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