iPhone 4S released tomorrow: who’s lining up?

Covent Garden, London

As you read earlier, iPhone 4S pre-order units are completely sold out, which means if you want to get hold of one on launch day (tomorrow, Oct 14th), you’ll have to line up for one. Most stores stocking the device will be opening earlier than usual to avoid the devices popularity affecting the rest of the usual shopping day (7am in a lot of cases). In my experience though, you’ll have to get there a good few hours before opening time to guarantee being able to purchase one. The device seems more popular than any other iPhone before it. MacRumors reports that lines are already forming at some stores internationally – in Japan and the UK.

Regent Street, London

The iPhone 4S is the first iOS handset to feature the dual-core A5 processor, which has – by far – the best performance out of any smartphone launched to date (link to benchmark results). It also promises to have a camera comparable to that of a point-and-shoot, which for a mobile phone is fantastic. It’s 8MP sensor not only boasts a higher pixel count than its predecessor, but it has a fancy new technology which ensures that quality is improved and not decreased – as is usually the case when adding more pixels. “The you-can’t-believe-it’s-on-a-phone camera” could steal the show for me. And then of course there’s Siri, the intelligent voice controlled assistant. Apple’s attempt to innovate and prove that they aren’t just standing still, or trying to “catch up”.

It’s the first iPhone to be available on Sprint, and be a world-phone, compatible with GSM and CDMA networks. Prices start at $199 on a two year contract (16GB), the 32GB and 64GB iPhone 4S will set you back $299 and $399 respectively.  Are you lining up to get one? Are you getting one at all? Or, are you going to wait until the iPhone 6 is out?

Images Via: MacRumors

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  • Kielydeen

    I’ll be getting one, I’m just going to wait a couple of months until everything dies down