iOS 5 mobile browsing significantly faster than iOS 4 [infographic]

A company called New Relic has done a few tests to see just how much better iOS 5 actually is when it comes to web browsing. We all knew that it was supposed to be faster, but I must admit I found these results surprising (in a good way).

First, the company measured the average response time for over 3,000 Web apps used out in the wild. Thanks to New Relic’s end-user monitoring technology, it was able to keep track of a device’s performance at the browser level as people interact with different apps. The results: the average page took about 4.1 seconds to load with iOS 5, while the load time on an iPhone running iOS 4 jumped up to 9.6 seconds.

The second test, conducted in a lab, saw two identical phones (hardware-wise) battle it out. In the lab, the average load time for the device running iOS 5 was 1.88 seconds, which is markedly faster than the 6.34 seconds the iOS 4-equipped device clocked in.

I mean, these numbers aren’t astronomically different, but it’s clear that iOS 5 is faster. If you haven’t already upgraded, I would definitely do so (unless you’ve refrained for jailbreak purposes). Simply plug your phone into iTunes, let it sync and back up and then click the ”Check for Update” button!

Have you noticed a speed boost since upgrading to iOS 5? Comment below or tweet me here!


Via: CNET (via New Relic)

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  • How much is astronomic? Seems like a significant time reduction to me.

    • Some Wierd Guy

      Astronimcal unit – the distance between the Sun and Earth…
      I think he just converted the distance into time

  • jonny

    I do see a difference but…. when ever i type in a letter on the address bar to see the different options for the addresses it takes like a second when on iOS 4 it was instant.

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