Jailbreak Tuesday: Android Recent Apps tweak review

I love iOS. However there are somethings that I love about the Android operating system as well. One thing in particular that I like with Android is the recent application menu that is presented when switching between apps. Well, thanks to a new tweak available through Cydia, iOS now has the Android style recent app menu.

This tweak is really simple to use and is only $1.49. All you have to do is search in cydia for AndroidRecentApps and the tweak will show up. Download it and restart your springboard. Android RecentApps does not install any standalone apps or settings, all you have to do is go into settings then select activator and choose the way you would like to activate the Android style recent apps menu.

This app has replaced my iOS multitasking switcher as I find this tweak to be a lot more convenient. The only thing I would like to see improved upon is making the installation instructions more clear as once you install the tweak your own your own.

Check out the video review:


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  • Good idea, but you can’t actually close anything running in the background, rendering it a bit… pointless?

    • Hadar727

      not only that cnt chg prtriat [lus if u repring or lock phone theres no apps there they need to just update it but what i did is slide right it pops up and slide left is sbstteings that way i still have the oiginal