iPhone 5 mockup – physical model

The iPhone 5 is a mysterious device, since no one seems to know what’s going on with it. Leaked cases seemed to show that it would be an all new handset, redesigned to look more like a mini iPad 2, with its Aluminum flat back with tapered edges. This was based on some device schematics leaked a while back. This latest physical mockup (shown in the images) has been created to illustrate what this mythical smartphone could look like.

Above is the home key comparison against the iPhone 4 and 3GS. If I’m 100% honest, it’s this redesigned home key that put doubts in my mind about the supposed iPhone 5. The round home key with the square icon is a trademark, and makes it instantly recognizable as an Apple iPhone. Would the design team at Cupertino really change it? The other problem is that recently, the most concrete looking “evidence” is pointing towards an iPhone 4S, not an iPhone 5. The Otterbox case leak and the product label that showed up earlier today are both more solid when used as proof than leaks of cases made by random third-party accessory manufacturers. Granted, Case-Mate’s accidental leak may mean something, but if that company is simply going on the schematics mentioned earlier, then the cases are just as misleading as any of the others.

"iPhone 5" compared with a Samsung Galaxy S II

What are your thoughts on this? Will we see an iPhone 5 at all this year? Or will Apple fill the gap with an iPhone 4S, and launch the 5 next year?

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  • Multiple leaked cases have shown the button like this. I have no reason to believe they wouldn’t change it. They’re not above changing tried-and-true standards and confusing their users. Look at the iTunes icon. As well, it’s possible this new button has new functionality, like touch-sensitivity and the ability to swipe it for specific actions. The shape would make sense in that case.

    As for the 4S versus 5 thing, I highly suspect we’ll see both. Some carriers may get only one, while with the 5 being larger and potentially having other differences, they may be keeping the old form factor available for people who don’t like the changes. The 4S will essentially instantly and automatically take over for the 4 in the supply chain, and possibly at a discounted price.

  • iphone 4s.. no iphone 5

    • Woody


  • iphone 4s.. no iphone 5

  • Version One

    i hope for the 4s. upgraded processor/ram/graphics etc. larger screen but i wouldn’t mind. i love the looks of the 4, the glass on the back etc.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Will SAMSUNG sue APPLE cuz it resembles to SGS2 now!

    • Edder

      Haha they should. Apple deserves it for all the stupid sues they’re filing

  • GenBumbleBee

    why do we need a 4S. -.-