iPhone 5 renderings based on leaked cases hit web

Kudos goes to MacRumors on this one. Last month we were festooned with fanciful fabrications of supposed iPhone 5 paraphernalia. Cases, and leaked images were floating around everywhere, images of which decorated most tech blogs. One or two of these really caught our fancy. Firstly there was a detailed case schematic, then some actual cases showing up in China, and elsewhere.

Based on these designs, and the details found in the leaks, MacRumors has created the following renderings of what the iPhone 5 could potentially look like. (Click the gallery below to view collection.)

The renderings, if accurate, would point towards a device with a larger screen (either 3.7″ or 4″), MacRumors aren’t sure either. The handset appears to taper from top to bottom, with both ends thinner than the current iPhone 4. However, there is some extra width to make up for the larger screen. As you can tell, the home key has been redesigned. I haven’t decided if it’s better or worse yet.

What do you guys think? Personally, I think it’s one of the best looking renders so far. Good job MacRumors.

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  • Neil Hy

    Is it just me or are they going backwards with the design? Looks just like the iPhone 3!!

    • Yeah, I agree. The iPhone looks way better with its square form figure. And the glass definitely makes it look sexy :D.  

  • Agreed, looks really good. But it does have that 1g, 3g look to it.

  • the wiggler

    This is the best looking “might be” iPhone 5 image so far. Hope it will look exactly like this! Hope it’s made in aluminium also.

  • TMOFtKnox

    Don’t care what the case looks like, give me that dual core processor and a 4″ screen.

  • Looks a lot like a Samsung Galaxy S II! Sue them bastards!!!!!

  • Groundhabit

    if this is the design it looks just like the first gen ipod … smh

  • This is awesome, I hope looks like that! :D

  • Mendaver

    Looks like the iPad 2 back looks good, even though I like the glassy iPhone 4 look I won’t complain if it looked like this