More iPhone 5 cases hit the web – hint at slimmer, curved design

Yesterday we told you guys about an article coming out of MobileFun that claimed to have exact iPhone 5 specs intended for case manufacturers. The schematics said the next iPhone would be thinner, have rounded edges, a larger screen and a large, gesture-based area where the home button now resides. At the time, Cam pointed out that while it looked legit, all the hype surrounding these iPhone 5 specs could be the work of a good photoshopper.

Today a bit more evidence has come to light. 9to5 Mac claims to have independently got it’s hands on an actual iPhone 5 case. According to the article:

“…we have been able to secure an actual purported fifth-generation iPhone case from a source, not just a mockup. This source is similar to the source who provided us with impeccably accurate design schematics for the iPad 2. In addition, we can independently confirm, Asian case manufacturers are now shopping case designs to case  sellers across the globe for their own branding.”

Now, this accessory doesn’t shed any light on screen size or touch-based home button, but it certainly indicates a slimmer, curved design for the next iPhone. What’s more, the evidence does seem to be stacking up in the “fact” category. I am by no means saying that this is definitely a next-gen iPhone case, but coming from a reputable source, it’s certainly more to go on than previous rumors.

I must admit, though, that this isn’t groundbreaking news. I fully expect the iPhone 5 to have a slimmer body. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a larger screen and a tapered design. In fact, the only thing in this story that I’m unsure of is the gesture based home button.

So, this very well may be specs for the next iPhone, or it could be lucky guesses based on the slew of rumors reporting very similar things. Either way, though, we only have a month or so until we find out for sure!

What do you guys think about this? Is this case legit, or is it just another fake to add to the pile? And, of all the features this case hints at, which would you most like to see on the next iPhone? Comment or tweet it up!


Via: 9to5 Mac

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  • Marco

    Why can’t we all just wait until it comes out -__-

  • Ag2611ij

    This Is absolutely fake.why would apple take a step back on such a successful product. Apple would not ditch the curved plastic back of the 3GS only to go back to it. And I doubt that if it is curved that apple would use glass on the back. This would make the phone more fragile then it is now.

    • Jay Mac

      Why would the back have to be plastic? Apple could very well go for a similar cosmetic design of the iPad and have a metal/aluminum back and have a colored black/white front. Personally I hope the curve back makes a return. This flat glass back isn’t my favorite design from Apple.

      • Fefd

        Thr flat glass back design looks way better,and it makes the look different. With the curved back the iphone looks just like any other phone

        • Anonymous

          Yes. I’m particularly thrilled at the tough, unbreakable nature of the current glass back; how could ANYONE improve on that?

      • Ag2611ij

        Honestly, the i4 design is very elegant and distinctive in my opinion. Without even holding the phone you already know it is a quality built product. Make the back aluminum and the iPhone is now the iPod touch especially if the 3G rumor is true. : (

    • This is more like the back of the iPad 2.

  • Jdkfhkdsf

    looks like a ipod touch case

  • Jackizzback

    The ringer/silent switch is on the other side now separate from the volume buttons? It’s probably going to look nothing like this.

  • Ronnie Taylor91

    That looks like an iPod case to me.

  • Joe Clark

    iPod case…fail

  • Joe Clark

    iPod case…fail

  • Anonymous

    If this is the case for the iPhone 5 I’ll be very disappointed. It looks like a case for an iPod Touch. If that’s the direction for the design of the iPhone 5, it will be a step backwards. 

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4S/5 Case Leak Shows New Design Changes.For iPhone 5 case Pics [Update]