iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S set for September release?

In the past, rumors of a “smaller, cheaper” iPhone have never really inspired confidence, for me at least. Apple is a company well known for not creating “cheaper” anything. It boasts about the quality of its products, setting one standard in each department. Even the 13″ white MacBook can’t be counted as cheap when you compare it to low-end models made by other manufacturers.

This next rumor, however, has caught my attention. According to Christ Whitmore at Deutsche Bank, we could see an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5. The theory behind this is that Apple is going after that “mid-range” sector currently dominated by Android. The iPhone 4S, as the name suggests, would be an iPhone 4 with a faster brain – presumably the A5 processor. This could be sold sim-free for around $349. Whitmore states: “With Nokia and RIMM struggling, the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the mid range smart-phone market (i.e. $300-500 category) to dramatically expand its [total addressable market] and market share.”

In contrast, the iPhone 5 would be the company’s flagship device. There’s no new speculation about features on this “super-phone”, but I presume it would need to be vastly superior to justify the difference in price points. Perhaps a 4″ display to start with? What do you think about this? Could Apple launch a 4S and a 5 simultaneously?

Via: Fortune

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  • Gabriel U

    3,5; 4.0 ? *4,5; 5.0

    • Beastly

      They measure the screen size by the diagonals so the one that says 3.5 means it has a screen size of 3.5 inches and same with the one that says 4.0.

  • Nuwan

    Most ugliest phone i ever seen (4.0″ version)

    • Mopar6464

      Does’nt matter if you put it in a case.
      You only see the front screen then.

      • Nuwan

        The screen is edge to edge, casing frame will disturb your screen then, anyway why a case to cover it’s ugliness?

        • Mopar6464

          I’m sure someone will come out with a proper case to fit the redisned i5 if it does get a bigger screen size.
          “Why a case to cove it”
          Are you a guy that just sits around looking at the phone or a person who actually takes it places and uses it as a tool / phone and don’t want to damage it with normal daily use ?

        • Sol

           Are you talkin about that picture there? thats not official, it was made with photoshop by some fanboy.

      • Keith

        You do realize that is just somebody’s concept of what the phone could look like, right?  It’s not a pic of an actual iPhone.  So, I wouldn’t get all bent out of shape.

  • Mopar6464

    4.0 screen and unlocked for all carriers would be the answer for Apple.

    • David

      Not at all.

  • Mopar6464

    4.0 screen and unlocked for all carriers would be the answer for Apple.

  • Gameasylum09

    I don’t really care what they do as long as they do it fast and keep up with demand for once