LTE iPhone and iPad 2 questions answered by Apple’s Tim Cook

During Apple’s announcement of its success in Q2, Tim Cook held a Q&A session. It covered various issues including the Japan disaster’s effect on iPad 2 manufacture, possibilities of a 4G iPhone and the iOS vs. Android battle.

Japan disaster’s effect on iPad supply:

Tim Cook started off by stating what a terrible disaster it was in Japan, and that his thoughts were with the victims involved. Apple has a long history of involvement with Japan and all involved at the company were saddened by the event. He also stated that Cupertino are involved in relief work out there.

Cook mentioned that the next quarter’s revenue is predicted to be $200million down but supply hasn’t been affected. The suppliers and Apple have been working incredibly hard to make sure that this doesn’t become an issue.

$49 iPhone 3GS

According to Cook, this device has sold very well. Understandable since it is at a very low price point.

4G iPhone equipped with LTE?

Same old Apple here. Tim Cook said that these early generation LTE chips would require too many compromises in design, and that the Apple is very happy with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. This says to me that a 4G enabled iPhone won’t be with us for a few years yet.

He also, on a more positive noted, stated that Apple is working towards bringing the iPhone to more carriers. So, could we see a T-mobile or Sprint iPhone some time soon? Let’s hope so.

iOS vs. Android?

He answered the question on the iOS vs. Android battle being similar to that of Mac vs. PC by referencing the Comscore survey results published yesterday. The guys at Apple are very happy with how well iOS is doing, and they don’t seem worried at all about Google’s Android OS. There was another snarky comment about fragmentation, and how Apple’s iPhone experience is still better than Android.

iPhone 5, iPhone success and Steve Jobs’ health:

Firstly, Cook mentioned that Jobs&Co are focussing a lot of time and energy on China, and understanding the market out there. Clearly this is a huge market opportunity for them that they want take advantage of.

Steve Jobs continues to be on medical leave, but does stay involved. He hopes to be back full time shortly.

One question was asked about the iPhone/iPod annual release cycle, and whether or not Apple was going to stick to it. “No comment”. So, no tasty info there then.


It’s disappointing to know that iPhones won’t be LTE equipped for some time. But, it is true to Apple form. Nothing tends to make it on to an iPhone unless it’s tried, proven and can be made a great user experience. With 4G still being relatively new I doubt we’ll see an iPhone 4G for a while yet.

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Via: 9to5 Mac

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  • Hi, I guess I disagree a tad with Mr. Cook on the LTE issue. Here is my theory; I understand that that you have to make “compromises” look at the thunderbolt! LOL Yet, this is a company that , whatever is released, EVERYONE will buy! They are the reason I do not own an android OS phone…yet I love knowing my battery will stay charged throughout the day and task killers scare me LOL Other than that, I think that Apple needs to take a risk for once and adopt new technology!!! It would make perfect sense to release the iphone 4GS this year, the half assed Iphone 5, but with 4G variant and dual core. So next year, “when technology is better”, we will buy the next device. It’s a vicious cycle, but it wprks for them. Also, I love jailbroken Iphones and Cydia, but take from example, Android OS has the upper hand on IOS in the customization department.

  • Yasith

    The cheaper iPhone might be true after I read this. I was thinking earlier that it doesn’t sound like Apple. But when I read about $49 iPhone 3GS it hit me. They know now people are more willing to buy a lower spec iPhone for a lower price. This could create lots more revenue for Apple. Makes business sense.

  • BrianC

    If iphone 5 isn’t coming out until the fall it better have lte and a bigger screen. If it does not get it than I might just get an android phone. I love apple but when August comes my contract is up. I would like to get a new iphone but I need a bigger screen and the fastest internet.

    • Cam Bunton

      It won’t have LTE, that much we know. Let’s hope it’s awesome in every other department.

  • Moe

    No lte = no sale

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  • Veronica

    OMG, they can’t launch an iPhone 5 and not have it be 4G. I mean Verizon has already launched the 4G thunderbolt. Doesn’t Apple want to keep up with the ever changing market? I have an iPhone 4 and was looking forward to getting the 5 *IF* it will be 4G.

    • Cam Bunton

      They’ll launch a LTE iPhone once it is a reliable and trusted technology. It’s still pretty new, and most people can’t make use of it. So, in a way, it makes sense.

    • Bob

      I think there are many compromises that come with LTE and a faster processor. I saw reviews that the Thunderbolt lasted only 2.5 hours under heavy use. That won’t work for most people.

      I’ll say this, though…the Verizon iPhone needs to be faster to compete. Users signing up on a 2 year agreement with a slow 3G will be unhappy very quickly.

  • ctkatz

    I don’t buy the tried to true concept of the putting something in the iphone. They put a front facing camera in the ip4. The was that tried and true? I it took them how long to do copy and paste? Or multitasking? Apple creates markets, but is extremely conservative in innovation or improvements in products already here. It’s probably the reason they are so sue happy- since they don’t improve upon, they don’t want anyone else improving upon either.

  • please can you tell me if there is iphone 5 or no? if it does when ?
    please and thank you