VID — TiPs & Tricks: Downloading iOS 4.2 Gold Master (Beta) for iPhone 4

iOS 4.2 Golden Master Tutorial: How to download iOS 4.2 for your iPhone now, even before it’s publicly released. Daniel walks you through how to upload the iOS Gold Master on a Mac. (For a step-by-step written tutorial, hit up Today’s iPhone here: )

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  • Bob

    For those wanting to keep their baseband the same so that you can keep it unlocked, be sure to use tiny umbrella.

  • BruceA

    The website has pulled the file – when you click the “Free” link you get this:
    No file exists at the address “/en/files/fmh6m6rim”.

    So I guess we’re back to waiting for the full release form Apple – hopefully this week…

    • BruceA

      I should have mentioned this is true for the iPad file – not sure if this applies to iPhone version. I found another site that works for downloading the iPad file, just Google and the website links come up.

  • Josue

    After Updating my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.2 it feels as though my iPhone 4 tends to lag from time to time. Other than that I love the new features, especially the print option in Safari and photos.

  • Drdre74

    Is there a way downgrade after using this. The update made it so my car radio doesnt read it anymore more. I get a pop up on the iPhone saying the device doesnt work with my iPhone. Which it did just fine before the update. Also I didn’t get any of the new text ringtones in my update .