How to get an iPad or iPod Touch cheaper

How do you snag a deal on a discounted or even free iPod Touch or iPad? Here are some of the latest offers on our radar:


iPad: $488 (16GB WiFi), $609 (16GB WiFi + 3G)
– Sam’s Club [retail]

So we know that big-box warehouse retailer Sam’s Club has joined the ranks of other national chains that have started selling iPads. Alongside its huge-count toilet paper packs and discounted furniture, the discount club will be offering the tablet at about 100 locations nationwide. Seems the pricing shaves a few bucks off the regular asking price, with a 16GB WiFi-only model going for $488 ($12 less than Apple’s asking price), and the WiFi+3G version priced to sell at $609 (which is $20 cheaper than full retail). For more on this, click here. (Photo via 9to5Mac.)


iPad: $399 (16GB WiFi)
TJ Maxx (seriously) [retail], select locations

Now there’s word that TJ Maxx (yes, every label fiend’s favorite clothing and home goods retailer) will be selling Apple iPads as well. And get this – they’re charging just $399! Now that’s what I’m talking about – a stunning one hundred dollars off the price of a 16GB Wifi-only base model! (Talk about your huge discount.) Engadget got tipped off to this by a reader who sent in a photo from the a Vernon, NY, location as proof:


Don’t know if this is for a new or refurbed unit, or how many stores are offering this, but at least it seems that some locations in New York, ï»¿Ohio and New Jersey have already been confirmed. (Although one NJ location admitted to holding back the inventory for Black Friday.) If you’re interested, it’s definitely worth checking with your local shop and seeing if they have it. (Photo via Engadget.)


iPad: Free to drawing winners (16GB WiFi)
PhoneDog‘s 100 iPad Giveaway/Big Game Sweepstakes [promotion]

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the 100 iPad/Big Game Sweepstakes. You can enter up to 7 times by liking PhoneDog on Facebook, as well as of its network sites’ pages, including us here. Be sure to share the link too – the more people who like us, the more iPads we’ll give away. Simple as that. (Drawings to begin January 17th.) For more, click here.

iPod Touch: Free to selected entries (Model TBD)
Loopt National Opt-Out Day drawing [promotion]

As for iPod Touches, app developer Loopt has its own promotion that’s unusual, to say the least. It’s giving away 10 iPod Touches to people who participate in National Opt-Out Day on ï»¿November 24 by opting out of the TSA’s naked body scanner searches at the airport. (These passengers instead submit to a physical “enhanced” pat down to protest the scanners and build awareness of the privacy violation of the body searches.) To be eligible for the promotion, you need to check into your airport via Loopt on 11/24, share your experience and push your check-in to Twitter with the hashtag #touchedbyTSA. For more information on National Opt-Out Day or Loopt’s promotion, click here.


Well, this cheapskates’ round-up took a bit of a weird turn with that last one, but let’s bring it back on track: Will you take advantage of one of these deals or contests, or perhaps a different one that’s not mentioned? Let us know in the comments. And if you scored an awesome deal on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, definitely share the knowledge below. We’d all love to hear about what other great deals are out there.


UPDATE: That TJ Maxx offering is selling out quickly! But here’s another offering that came in –

Marshall’s is also selling 16GB Wifi-only iPads for $399

If you grab one, let us know! (Oh, and thanks for the tip, Alice!)

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