Meet the anti-iPhone

Take everything you love about the iPhone and strip it away, right down to its bare bones. What do you get? John’s Phone. It’s like the iPhone’s extreme polar opposite (even in its functionality – at least it makes calling really simple, with no potential for glitches).

There’s no screen, apps, acceleromenter – absolutely nothing! Just calls. But it looks like it does that well, since it’s a quadband GSM phone. That means as an iPhone user, in a pinch, you could just pop your SIM card into this. Oh, and it even has a little pen, for taking notes on paper. How charming!

Warren Ellis compares the form factor to the trendy simplicity of Japanese design house Muji, and I have to agree. If you don’t know Muji, you’ve got to check it out. Its home, office and clothing products are incredibly interesting for their crazy basic aesthetic and fabrication – like a match made in heaven for iPhone lovers.

As for this guy, I find it really cute. In fact, the little design touches here and there are rather Applesque, no? For goodness’ sake, look at the accessories. They definitely smack of an iOS product.

It even sort of goes into “ANTiPhone Nano” territory, with color choices in pink, brown, black or green instead of white. (If it had a “random dial” mode for arbitrarily reaching any friend when you’re bored, it would be more like an iPhone Shuffle. Ha!)

Truth is, I’d love to snag one as a cute little back-up/emergency phone. And for just €69.95 (roughly $89 US), that’s immensely do-able.

Via: Mobile Crunch, Boing Boing