iPhone accessory to help diabetics: iBGStar blood glucose meter

Everyday, I just become more and more amazed at what this platform can do. Case in point: Checking blood glucose levels.

It’s a key procedure for diabetics, who need to monitor their blood sugar on an ongoing basis. There are a wealth of gadgets out there that can do this, and there are even some other iPhone-oriented accessories that do the job as well (like that LifeScan Bluetooth meter that Apple featured at last year’s iOS 3 preview). But when it comes to something you have to do all the time, you want something compact, streamlined and simple.

Sanofi-Aventis has just the thing.

Just attach this tiny little removable doohickey to the iPhone or iPod Touch (or leave it on all the time. There’s a custom case for this that’s surprisingly not ugly). The accessory features a small display that shows basic info (which usable as a standalone, without the phone), but there’s also a companion app, if you want to see a lot more data on the handset.

Best part? When this gets approved by the FDA, there won’t be sticker shock – the cost will be roughly $80 (akin to the price of a top-line battery charger).

If you or someone you know is a diabetic iPhone user, you may want to keep close tabs on this at Sanofi-Aventis online. (Click here to go there.)

Via: Engadget, Diabetes Mine

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