Web AppStore opens its doors to all iPhone users

As Apple does have a pretty lengthy list of WebApps throughout the internet, they haven’t created an iPhone optimized website where you can sort through all of them or even read up on a few user reviews. Well a new storefront has opened up for anyone using an iPhone.

OpenAppMkt is a new web based app store for web based applications. It has the look and feel of the mobile AppStore on the iPhone with application descriptions and user reviews. It’s pretty easy to install by merely adding the bookmark to your home screen, and any Web App you would like to use can be added in the same way. You can find some applications like Facebook and Google voice and many other not so well known Web Apps.

This is all great but most of these Web Apps are pretty useless when compared to native applications for the iPhone. Web Apps just don’t have the same capabilities as applications that can be downloaded from Apple’s own App Store and probably never will. Apple needs to give HTML applications access to the iPhone’s internals through the Safari mobile browser for Web Apps to get anywhere close to being as useful as a native application.

But until that day comes I think we are all pretty happy with the choice of applications available to us from Apple and (for those of us that have taken the path of the jailbreak) Cydia. Still go ahead and check it out and let us know what your favorite Web App is.

Via PCWorld

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  • Perry

    The upgraded youtube is really awesome!