TiPs & Tricks: Add bookmarklets to mobile Safari

We’ve got a super useful tip today that iOS users will be able to sink their teeth into. It only requires a few minutes of your time to make sharing or saving online content from your device soooo much easier. Today’s topic is the humble bookmarklet, and the tip is how to add them to mobile Safari.

If you’re already familiar with bookmarklets, then you know how handy those little javascript tools of joy are when you’re desktop browsing. If you don’t use them, you may want to give them a shot. With a single simple mouse click, you can share an interesting vid on FaceBook, Digg a blog post, add things to your Evernote or Google Reader accounts, and more.

On your computer, adding bookmarklets is a snap; you just drag them from the webpage right to the browser toolbar. Unfortunately, you can’t tap and drag them into Safari on your phone or tablet, though. Many people wind up adding them to Safari on their desktop, and then just sync them (along with all the other bookmarks) to their devices.

Facebook offers a bookmarklet that makes it easy to share blog posts, images or vids you find on the web – that is, if you're using it via a desktop browser.

But not everyone uses Safari on their computers. And adding them directly to the iPad or iPhone manually can be quite a pain in the neck – especially when there are multiple ones. Thanks to user Chris Bray, however, it’s a little easier now. He compiled the most popular bookmarklets and put them in one easy-to-use list. (Not a javascript pro? Don’t worry – you don’t have to muck around with this. You basically just copy and paste the code into your device’s bookmarks. See below for the tutorial.) Bray collected the code for the following services:

  • Share on Posterous
  • Shorten with
  • Add to Google Reader
  • Bookmark on
  • Instapaper: Read Later
  • Share on Facebook
  • Clip to Evernote
  • Share on Tumblr
  • Translate to English
  • Digg This
  • Reddit
  • Stumble Upon
  • Site Info
  • Show Images
  • Validate HTML

For the how-to on adding these (and other bookmarklets) to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, hit the next section.

Via: Mobile Content Today, Chris Bray



How to add bookmarklets to mobile Safari (courtesy of Chris Bray)

Thanks to the ingenius work of Bray, we have a one-stop resource for adding many of the major bookmarklets to mobile Safari. Here’s what you do:

1. Create a new bookmark: Open this page in Safari on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, and then tap the “+” symbol. Choose “Add Bookmark.”

2. Copy the javascript code on this page (below): In mobile Safari, choose a bookmarklet that you want from the list below and copy its corresponding code.

3. Edit the new bookmark (to turn it into a bookmarklet): Open your bookmarks, scroll to the one you made in Step 1, tap the “Edit” button and select it. Delete the title and URL contents, then retitle it and paste the code (which you copied in Step 2) into the URL field. Hit “Done” when finished.

4. Repeat for each bookmarklet you want.


If you need one that’s not included below (like *Amazon’s Universal Wish List tool, which adds products from any website into your Wish List), you can still add it with just a couple extra steps.

First, add the bookmarklet to your desktop browser and then copy the “URL” (which is actually the javascript code). You’ll need to get this over to your device. An easy way to do that is to paste it into an email to yourself. On your mobile, just copy the code and follow the steps above (minus Step 2). That’s it!

Here the javascript that Bray compiled:

Add the “Share on Posterous Bookmarklet”


Add the “Shorten with Bookmarklet”


Add the “Add to Google Reader Bookmarklet”


Add the “Bookmark on Bookmarklet”


Add the “Instapaper: Read Later Bookmarklet”


Add the “Share on Facebook Bookmarklet”


Add the “Clip to Evernote Bookmarklet”


Add the “Share on Tumblr Bookmarklet”


Add the “Share via Bookmarklet”


Add the “Translate to English Bookmarklet”


Add the “Digg This Bookmarklet”


Add the “Reddit Bookmarklet”


Add the “Stumble Upon Bookmarklet”


Add the “Site Info Bookmarklet”


Add the “Show Images Bookmarklet”


Add the “Validate HTML Bookmarklet”


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*By the way, here’s the code for the Amazon Universal Wish List tool. I find this one indispensable:

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  • V Antonelli

    Post to Facebook not working on my iPod touch. Any suggestions? I see the script has “Firefox” embedded in it. Is that correct? I’m signed into Fbook when I attempt post.

  • Rhett Laubach

    When I cut and pasted the Delicious code into a Safari browser on my iPhone, the page came up blank. Any help?

    • Adriana Lee

      Hey, Rhett. Let me see if I can help. You don’t want to paste the copied code directly into Safari’s URL field, like you’re opening a new site. What you want to do is create a new bookmark (by hitting the “+” sign), then replace the URL in the pop-up window with the copied code. You’ll also want to rename the bookmark, so you can identify it later. Hope this helps!

  • Derrick G

    Does this method work anymore? When I select the bookmarklets in mobile Safari nothing happens…at all. I am sure I’ve set it up correctly.

  • Adriana Lee

    Hmmm. This worked flawlessly before. (Of course I tested it before posting this.) And some still do, but the Facebook one I just tried is buggy now. It worked for a moment, then stopped.

    I’m having better luck with the following Facebook and Delicious codes. I’m no javascript expert, so I have no idea why. But it seems to work now. If anyone’s willing to give this a try, let me know if it works out for you. (Again, just create any random bookmarklet, then go in and edit that. Fill in the proper name, delete the URL that’s in there, and paste this one in instead.)

    If anyone else can corroborate this, I’ll edit the code above with these new ones.





  • Peter H

    Stumbleupon doesn’t work either on a 3Gs with OS 3.1.3

  • The code for Evernote doesn’t work, but this does:


  • Prudence

    Neither the Evernote or google reader ones seem to do anything.

  • Jeremiah

    Cant select code in order to cut/paste on mobile safari…

  • omar sedki

    try this Bookmarklets too.   LiveGap (
    you can do with it:
    Search any WebSite quickly with Google,Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.
    Translate it With Bing Or Google.
    Mail it With Gmail,Yahoo,Live ,Your Default Mail (Shortcuts To your Inbox & Sent Folders).
    Share it quickly With friends on facebook, twitter,Google+,MySpace,Linkedin

  • There is also an Amazon UK Wishlist bookmarklet as well. The code is formatted at the end of this post: