73% of iPhone customers “very satisfied” with AT&T

In a recent survey by the Yankee Group, a startling figure was unveiled. Despite there being many people with problems, dropped calls, low reception and an over-worked network, it seems as though almost three quarters of all  iPhone owners on AT&T are pretty pleased with the carrier’s service. This just shows you, you can’t always believe everything you hear in the media. With the news being full of damning evidence against Apple and its network partner over the past few weeks this news will cause a huge sigh of relief in the two companies’ board rooms.

It’s no secret that since the iPhone was released the network has been overloaded with extra users that it struggled to deal with for some time. The recent “antennagate” scandal/issues points to the fact that neither company has quite got it right yet. Before that was the whole iPad hacking crisis, with customer’s information being leaked. Also, quite recently was the uncovering of the fractious relationship between Cupertino and America’s second most popular carrier. However, customers are generally happy. The network’s spokesperson told CNNMoney, “There’s a gap between what people hear about us and what their experience is with us. We think that gap is beginning to close. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect; we still have work to do. But that’s no surprise to us, because we have a great network.”

Via: Apple Insider

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