Jailbreakers, beware: iTunes 9.1 is out to block you

Oh stop it already!

Apple is making another feeble attempt to shut out jailbreakers around the world. MobileCrunch informs us that iTunes has seen another update today and it’s reportedly preventing jailbreaking and tethered jailbreaking for all iPhone users.

As it turns out, most of the issues with jailbreakers is when they try to sync their iPhones with the new iTunes 9.1. But only if you are using blackra1n and are running Windows on your computer. iPhone hacker ih8snow claims you should not experience any issues if you are using OS X to sync your iPhone.

So should iPhone hackers be shaking in their boots over this? Of course not. The jailbreaking community has seen many updates come and go with both iTunes and iPhone software. It truly has not stopped us in the past, so why should this be any different now? Just don’t update. I repeat, don’t update to the newest version of iTunes.

There, problem solved!

Tell us what your thoughts are regarding this new update. Are you concerned? Or is this newest update really that important?

Via: MobileCrunch


Update: Redmondpie is now reporting that a fix has already been found. ih8snow delivers us the fix in the form of BlackBreeze. Just as we have seen in the past, Apple tries to take make it difficult for jailbreakers and then they find a solution.

(Thanks Alex for the tip)

Via: RedmondPie

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  • Maurice

    I have the new iTunes 9.1 and have sync my jailbroken blackra1n iPhone 3gs with no problems just don’t up date the iPhone only the iTunes

  • James

    Or could it be a bug? Obviously Apple isn’t testing their software against jailbroken iPhones. If it was deliberate, don’t you think they would also break it on iTunes for OS X?

    Your anger is misplaced. Apple has no obligation to people who jailbreak.

    • Bob Niffen

      James, Apple may not have any “obligation to people who jailbreak,” but they sure do go out of their way to stop users.

      This piece wasn’t so much about anger towards Apple. This is more about informing those who do decide to jailbreak and unlock their iPhone’s.They needed to be aware of what could happen if they upgraded their iTunes.

  • Mel

    How can I unblock my iphone after downloading the Itunes new 9 version?

  • Ashkan

    I don’t know what apple’s problem is with jailbreakers, i mean, i jailbroke my iphone the second i got it. If some day, which i doubt, jailbreaking is blocked, then i will not buy the iphone. Simple as that.
    Most of iPhone users in Asia especially, have jailbroken phones. I’m sure that apple will lose a lot of customers if jailbreaking is blocked.