Aww: This centenarian adores her iPad

I love this story. After nearly a century without a computer, 99-year-old Virginia Campbell of Lake Oswego got her first – and it’s an iPad!

After glaucoma took away her ability to read her beloved books, she can now indulge in her favorite activity again thanks to the tablet, which makes it easy for her to adjust the font size and brightness with a few screen taps. She even stretched some creative muscle by composing limericks on her new device.

This is a great example of how important the user experience is. Think about it: Does this fabulous lady miss all the stuff that the Apple tablet lacks – like a MicroSD card slot, removable battery, Adobe Flash support and multitasking (for now)? No way! She’s just tickled that she learned how to use it after a short instructional. (Wonder how long it will be before she starts her own blog about the experience.)

Go, Virginia, go! You’re a centenarian after my own heart.

Via: TUAWOregon Live

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  • Anthony

    This is adorable!

  • Jake

    This is great, and really shows the happiness Apple has been able to bring to the world as a whole. However it’s worth noting that the iPad is in no way a computer, and is actually more of an iPod/toy. Still, it’s nice to see a woman of her age embracing technology.

  • Jay

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