Fujitsu, on iPad: “Hey, that name is ours!”

Barely a day has passed since Apple launched their long awaited iPad, and already websites everywhere are passing judgement on the device. With it being somewhere in between iPhone and a laptop, it seems no one really gets what it is. Undoubtedly however, the name is what has caused the strongest reaction. Now it seems that Fujitsu have some major issue with it, claiming that they have previously registered the name ‘iPad’ for handheld devices way back in 2002.

The Fujitsu iPad is not even vaguely similar to Apple’s offering, rather it is a point-of-sale device used in stores (costing around $2000). The Japanese company isn’t even the only other company to register iPad as a product name. Mag-Tek has an officially registered PIN entry device called IPAD, Siemens have a trademarked motor with the same name, even Coconut Grove have a range of bras names iPad.

As far as officially registering the name for electronic devices goes, it seems as though Mag-Tek is the only company to have it a fully registered.

Now to me this is getting rather confusing. What seems to be happening now is that after Fujitsu had abandoned the application for registering their gizmo, they decided to reopen it, and Apple got a little uncomfortable and opposed the application. Apple appears to have a “formal opposition” planned for the 28th of next month.

Personally I think it’d be great if Apple had chosen a different name, then all this stress could be avoided. My head hurts after trying to understand all this, why they didn’t call it the iTablet, I don’t know.

Via: Engadget

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    Seen the real IPad recently – apparently it’s quite a popular model in retail industry. Here is a picture