Earthquake victim saves own life using his iPhone

I’ve heard a lot of arguments for the use of smartphones, but this one beats them all: When the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, collapsed all around him, film producer Dan Woolley treated his own injuries using a medical/first-aid app on his iPhone.

The Colorado Springs native used an iPhone app called Pocket First Aid & CPR (iTunes link) to accurately diagnose and treat his wounds, including a head injury, a leg wound and a fractured foot. Using his shirt as a tourniquet, he stopped the bleeding from the three-inch gash in his leg, and bandaged the back of his head with a sock. Then, he said, he looked up ways to prevent himself from going into catastrophic shock.

The quick-thinking Woolley also used his SLR camera to view his environment, and plot a course out of the rubble. He was later found seeking shelter in an elevator shaft 65 hours after the earthquake struck. He is now recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

Woolley was in Haiti filming a documentary on the nation’s poverty-stricken children and relief efforts organized to help.

Via: NBC Miami, Mobile Magazine