App Review: Must.Eat.Birds

Category: Game
Price: .99 cents
TiP Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Release Date: 11/02/2009
Version: 1.22
Languages: English
Seller: Mediatonic Ltd.
Rated: Ages 9+ (for Mild Cartoon/ Fantasy Violence)
Requirements: Compatible with all iPod Touches and iPhones running Firmware 2.1 or above.
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App Store Description: The world’s first ever picnic defense simulator. An innocent monster’s spread of sponges is under imminent threat from a parachuting avian invasion —they’ve come for the cake and they don’t intend to share. Only you can save the day!

Summary: Must.Eat.Birds screams “underrated gem” from the first time you open it. Its vivid, cartoon-style graphics and easy-to-use controls make it one of the most unique games in the App Store. Filled with ‘internetz’ jokes, Must.Eat.Birds proves to be a surprisingly difficult, but hilarious game. The only downside is that the Far East Asian song selection is limited, so the exotic, rotating mix has a tendency to get tiresome after a while.

Review: You know a game is awesome when there is cake involved, and Must.Eat.Birds is a game that revolves exactly on that. Must.Eat.Birds is a picnic defense game that combines great graphics and music with fun and addicting gameplay. You control a ‘nomster’ that needs to protect his four ‘delicious caeks’ – yes, there are plenty Internet jokes – from falling birds. You do this by catapulting yourself into the air. When you launch yourself, you can either ‘nom’ an incoming bird, or eat yourself and grow bigger. As you become bigger, you can eat more birds, but you move slightly slower. To beat the game, you need to combine quick reflexes with a good strategy.

Must.Eat.Birds certainly does well in providing smooth controls and great gameplay. The controls are easy to learn, but you need to experiment to get bonuses and to clear levels. By pulling down on the nomster on the slingshot with your finger, you can aim with ease in any direction. Must.Eat.Birds also adds great level grinding, so that the game is never easy, but never impossible. This doesn’t mean that you will beat every stage on the first try. The game offers moderate replay value in the form of trying to get the best score, or lose to least amount of cake.

Must.Eat.Birds offers unique cartoon-style graphics. The backgrounds, filled with chocolate cake and ice cream, will make your mouth water for sugary treats. The colors are vivid, which makes the game look really nice on your device’s screen. One thing that is guaranteed to catch your attention is the menu. They are written in Japanese (I had a friend translate them), but there are English subtitles. The game is in no way Japanese, but the designers of the game obviously wanted a unique game that will turn heads.

Like the graphics, the music in the game is unique and amazing. The music sounds like it could be from the Far East (Japanese, like the menus?), and it adds to the atmosphere the game has. One problem, however, is that the exotic music does get a little repetitive. The only time when you hear something else is when you use your “maximum bake,” which is a “power-up” you get after you eat a certain number of birds. The music is upbeat and catchy, and it doesn’t ruin the gaming experience, but a variety of tracks would always be welcome.

Must.Eat.Birds is an amazing game, hands down. While you may think that the cutesy graphics and bizarre song choices might make this game childish, I assure you it is quite difficult. If you manage to finish the 18 missions, you can go to challenge mode, where wave after wave of enemies come at you. I must recommend this game to everybody, as it is a steal for 99 cents (on sale for a limited time!). Also, if you want to experience the hilarity before you make the purchase, you can download a free trial version.

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