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iPhone sees only gain in smartphone usage share over holidays, Kindle Fire and Surface improve in tablets

According to a new report from analytics firm Chitika, the iPhone was the only smartphone to make gains in usage share over the holidays. The figures, based on North American web traffic share between December 20 and 29, indicates a 1.8% usage share increase for Apple smartphones, taking the total usage share to 54.3%. Chitika suggest that the surge in…

Apple shows off its annual 10-K report

Apple has filed its annual 10-K report, offering us profound inside into the inner workings of Apple. The first statistic to note was the growth of employees, which went up from 72,800 to 80,300 over the course of the year. This was nearly exclusively outside the retail division, which only grew by 400 employees. Over the year, Apple opened 26 new…

Study: Apple users more loyal, more well educated than Samsung users

Apple has long been seen as a company that achieves consumers’ loyalty. There are many so-called “Apple fanboys” (pretty much every writer for this site counts), and that is simply because people that buy Apple products fall in love with them and stay loyal to the company. At least that’s the stereotype. However, some may wonder how that works for Samsung….

Report: iPhone web usage drops below that of Samsung’s

In the never ending “war” between Apple and Samsung, the tides turn nearly every week, if not daily. Today it seems to be Samsung’s day, as it was reported earlier that the iPhone 5 was beginning to lose ground on the South Korean company in terms of sales, and now it seems that the iPhone’s web usage has, for the first time, dropped below that of Samsung…

Analysts expecting zero year-on-year growth for Apple in Q3

A Fortune report is suggesting that most analysts are expecting Apple to post near-zero year-on-year growth on July 23, when it reveals its Q3 earnings. The news comes just one day after Apple reported its Q2 earnings of $43.6 billion, up from last year’s $39.2 billion. Despite these phenomenally impressive figures, analysts are predicting that…

Report: Apple still holds top spot for mobile shoppers

Report after report after report keeps coming out with the same information: iOS users love to buy stuff, especially from their mobile devices. The report, coming from Forrester via TechCrunch, says that iOS users are 30% more likely to purchase a product from their mobile device, and 15% more likely to do research on a product from their iDevice….

iOS 7: Initial bug reporting

It’s almost one day since developers got their hands on iOS 7. The purpose of a Beta is to allow any software developer to iron out any bugs in the software, and iOS 7 is no exception. From our collective TiP experience we’ve found a good number of issues in the initial Beta. We’re not here to complain, we totally understand that this is a Beta….

Report shows iOS is still dominating enterprise

If this news comes as a surprise, I am surprised at your surprise. iOS has, for quite some time now, been taking over the enterprise market. A new report with some numbers on just how much iOS controls the enterprise market has just come out, and the numbers seem strong as ever. For Q1 of 2013, Apple’s iOS made up around 75% of total device activations in…