Virtual Scuba? Sorta — Google Earth 3.1 For IOS Has New Ocean Layer

Water babies may have been jealous of Google’s preferential treatment of Android users when the search giant gave them ocean layer content first. (They practically mapped the frickin’ ocean! How they got their spy vans down there, I’ll never know…)

Well, no more: Google Earth 3.1 for iOS now gives us the same features and fish’s eye view of underwater locales. There’s more than a hundred pics and vids, optimized for our retina-lovin’ displays.

I dug the outerspace view of the Earth, and now we’ve got an underwater wonderworld to explore. (Funny how this app’s listed in the travel section of the App Store, no?)

Google has plotted out our streets, the globe, the ocean and made the web’s virtual world navigable. What’s next? Mapping the human genome? I’m sure they would’ve done it, if Craig Venter hadn’t beaten them to it first.

To snag this, click here or just snap the QR code below for the deets.

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