“What the heck do I do with this thing?” That might be a question you may be asking yourself right now or sometime in the near future. The iPhone is definitely not just a device for talking and texting.

The possibilities can seem endless in its versatility and usefulness. The trick is to make this little thing of beauty your very own and customize it to your heart’s content. To help you get on your way, I have put together a few tips and tricks that will help you get started.

“Sync It Up” – The first thing you should do is to download and install iTunes to your Mac or PC and connect your device. This will allow you to register your device with Apple and set up your sync settings.

This is also important because it will save a backup of your phone to your computer. You will also need to register for an iTunes account if you want to download anything from the iTunes store (music, apps, movies, etc…).

iPhone 101 You just got your first iPhone

“Shake Your Booty” – I cannot think of a single person in my life that doesn’t enjoy listening to music, and the iPhone has the best music player built into it since it doubles as an iPod. The music interface on the device is very simple to use as well as eye appealing with the cover flow design.

If you have a few coins to spend, the variety of music available in the iTunes store is huge, but if you have a ton of your own music, just drop your tunes into your computer and sync it up with your phone. So…whether you are a “Country Kid” or a “Disco Queen”, be sure to take full advantage of the music player on your phone.

iPhone 101 You just got your iPhone

“Apps Away” – The App Store has over 300,000 apps available and is growing daily. There really is something for everyone. You don’t have to spend a boat load of money to get some of your most useful apps. I can count on one hand the amount of apps I have purchased and all the rest of them were free.

If you are a social networking fanatic, grab the Facebook or Twitter app. If you are a traveler, there are many navigation and travel apps for you like Mapquest and Urbanspoon.

If you are a gamer, you definitely have the right phone since you can get games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja for free or the paid version. No matter what your interests might be, I’m sure you will be able to find something that will tickle your fancy and keep you occupied for hours on end.

Not me by the way… But we’ve all done it!

“Say Cheese” – The iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 both have integral cameras and what better way to personalize your phone than by taking pictures of your loved ones, pets, sports, or hobbies. The phones even let you edit your videos from your device and then you can send them off to parents and friends.

These photos can become your wallpaper or be kept to show to whoever wants to see them (I’m not one of those people). So…if you are a “Connie Kodak” and love to snap those pictures then go for it. BTW…I have also included one my own pics (see below) that I took on my iPhone 4 to show you the great quality of the phone.

“Get safe” – My final tip for the day is to be sure you protect your device. You will probably want to get some type of cover and screen protector for your iPhone. This is a valuable piece of equipment and you should see it as an investment. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of covers available.

You can go with the Apple iPhone 4 bumper or get one from a third party retailer. I’ve seen just about every cover known to man: hard cases, silicone cases, bedazzled cases (although I have no idea why anyone would do this to a poor innocent iPhone), and even sports cases. Whatever your preference, be sure to get something soon after you buy your phone to keep it looking like new.

These quick tips and tricks for a new iPhone owner should help put you in charge of your iPhone. Remember, don’t be afraid to play. Personalize it by changing some of the settings like ringtones, wallpaper, icons… Enjoy.

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