Does Newegg Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Options!

Does Newegg Take Apple Pay Know Payment Options

Newegg is a leading online retailer of tech products, electronics, and computer components that primarily caters to a tech savvy customer base. Founded in 2001, although Newegg operates as an e-commerce site, it also has several brick-and-mortar retail stores in various states. Given Newegg’s inventory selection focused on computers and components, its target demographic aligns well with Apple product users who would be familiar with and desire Apple Pay.

Since Apple Pay has become an increasingly popular mobile payment option, allowing quick and secure checkout on iPhones and Apple Watches, customers are starting to expect this payment method everywhere they shop, including at major retailers like Newegg. Let’s take a closer look at whether Newegg accepts Apple Pay.


Yes, Newegg accepts Apple Pay as a payment method on their website and mobile app.

We researched and confirmed this after visiting their Apple Valley store in person. Here is their website link to check Apple Pay policy updates, as payment policies can change at any time.

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Why Apple Pay is Popular

Apple Pay has become a popular mobile payment option for several key reasons. The checkout experience is seamless for customers – they can pay with just a thumbprint or face scan rather than tediously entering card details on every purchase. Apple Pay is also more secure than using physical credit or debit cards since it uses unique device-specific tokens rather than actual card numbers. As more major retailers like Target, Walmart and now Newegg accept Apple Pay, consumer expectation and adoption continues to grow.

Newegg’s Apple Pay Rollout

In August 2022, Newegg began rolling out Apple Pay acceptance on both its website and mobile shopping app. This move was part of a wider push by Newegg to offer more mobile payment options beyond just credit cards. Now Apple users can select Apple Pay at checkout and breeze through the payment process using Face ID, Passcode or Touch ID verification.

How to Use Apple Pay on Newegg

How to Use Apple Pay on Newegg

Using Apple Pay on Newegg requires first setting up the payment method in the Wallet app on Apple Watch or iPhone. Customers need to add a supported debit card or credit card. During checkout on Newegg’s site or app, simply choose Apple Pay as the payment method. Authentication occurs via Face ID or passcode on the iPhone or Apple Watch. The card details are then exchanged securely without exposing the actual card number.

Benefits for Customers

For Newegg customers, Apple Pay brings two major benefits – faster checkout and enhanced security. Checkout is streamlined since lengthy card details don’t need manual entry. All that’s required is a thumbprint or face scan to authorize payment. Additionally, the actual card number is never exposed, protecting it from potential data breaches. Apple Pay purchases are also conveniently tracked in the Wallet transaction history.

Other Payment Options At Newegg

Other Payment Options At Newegg

1) Card Payments: Newegg accepts most major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB. They also accept their own Newegg Store Credit Card.

2) Digital Wallets: In addition to traditional credit cards, Newegg accepts digital wallet and mobile payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Amex Express Checkout, and Masterpass. These allow customers to check out quickly without entering card details.

3) Gift Cards: Newegg gift cards and gift cards can be used for purchases on their website as well.

However, some restrictions apply on the types of purchases where these payment methods are accepted. For example, PayPal cannot be used for subscription orders or pre-orders based on Newegg’s policy. Similarly, Apple Pay is not accepted for purchases involving digital items. Customers should review the payment method restrictions outlined in Newegg’s knowledge base before selecting a payment option at checkout.

In summary, Newegg tries to offer flexibility by accepting both widely used credit cards as well as convenient mobile and digital wallet payment methods. But customers need to verify if any limitations apply based on the specific product or order type when selecting a payment option on Newegg’s online platform.


In conclusion, Newegg’s recent rollout of Apple Pay acceptance positions the retailer to better serve its tech-savvy customer base who increasingly expect this convenient and secure payment option. Given Newegg’s reputation for catering to Apple users with Mac-focused inventory, accepting Apple Pay was a logical next step to improve the mobile shopping experience. With Apple Pay’s rising popularity for in-store use as well, Newegg may potentially expand acceptance to its retail stores later on. For now, Newegg shoppers can enjoy faster checkout and elevated security when paying with Apple Pay online or in the mobile app.


1) Does Newegg accept Apple Pay on their website?
Yes, Newegg accepts Apple Pay on their website and mobile app as of August 2022.

2) Can I use Apple Pay for purchases in Newegg retail stores?
A) No, Newegg currently only accepts Apple Pay for online and mobile app purchases. In-store use is not supported yet.

3) What do I need to use Apple Pay on Newegg’s website?
You need an iPhone or Apple Watch with Apple Pay set up, and a saved debit/credit card added to the Wallet app to use Apple Pay on Newegg.

4) Is Apple Pay more secure than entering card details on Newegg?
A) Yes, Apple Pay is more secure than directly entering card details since it uses device-specific encrypted tokens instead of actual card numbers.

5) Does Newegg accept other mobile payment options besides Apple Pay?
Yes, Newegg also accepts Google Pay and PayPal in addition to Apple Pay for mobile and online purchases.

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