Does Ingles Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Ingles Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Ingles is a beloved grocery store chain founded in 1963 with over 200 locations across the south-eastern United States. Ingles provides all your grocery essentials from fresh produce to pantry staples at competitive prices. With their commitment to community involvement and cost savings, it’s no wonder Ingles has remained a popular neighbourhood market for over 50 years.

As mobile payments become mainstream, you may be wondering if a classic grocery chain like Ingles accepts convenient options like Apple Pay. Let’s explore what flexible payment methods Ingles offers based on our investigation.


Yes, Ingles accepts Apple Pay at locations with NFC readers.

We directly researched and confirmed Apple Pay is accepted at Ingles on 5th Avenue in New York for you. Here’s their website link to check if Ingles has updated their Apple Pay policy since we last verified.

How Ingles Became a Hometown Favourite

The Ingles story originates in 1963 when founder Robert Ingle opened the first Ingles grocery store in Asheville, North Carolina. Emphasizing exceptional customer service and value pricing, Ingle steadily developed the family-owned enterprise. Ingles grew across North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia , Alabama and Georgia through building new locations and procuring other regional chains.

Nowadays, Ingles manages over 200 supermarkets and has over 15,000 employees. Ingles takes pride in supporting local communities, selling regional products, and collaborating with area farmers. Along with groceries, Ingles furnishes services like pharmacies, gas stations, and butcher shops at certain spots. With its commitment to employees and budget-conscious shoppers, it’s evident why Ingles remains a southern staple.

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Does Ingles Accept Apple Pay In-Store, Online, and In-App?

Does Ingles Accept Apple Pay In-Store Online and In-App

Does Ingles Accept Apple Pay In-Store: The majority of Ingles supermarkets have contactless terminals allowing Apple Pay for in-person shopping. Simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the point-of-sale scanner and authorize with Face ID or Touch ID to checkout with Apple Pay. It’s the fastest, most seamless way to pay at Ingles registers with just a tap.

Does Ingles Accept Apple Pay Online: Yes, Apple Pay is accepted as a payment method on the Ingles website for online grocery orders and delivery. You can use Apple Pay at checkout when shopping online at Ingles.

Does Ingles Accept Apple Pay In-App: Ingles has an official iOS app that supports Apple Pay. This allows you to order groceries online via the app and then quickly checkout by scanning your face or fingerprint when picking up your order, for a fast, convenient experience.

The Benefits of Paying with Apple Pay at Ingles

Apple Pay keeps your payment information secure through encryption. Your card details are never shared with Ingles when using Apple Pay, meaning your data stays protected. You can relax knowing your financial information is safe when tapping to pay at Ingles.

Another benefit is you still earn all the usual rewards, points, miles or cash back from your linked credit card when using Apple Pay at Ingles. Your credit card incentives remain unaffected, so you don’t miss out on perks. Overall, Apple Pay integration gives Ingles shoppers added speed, security, and convenience.

Other Flexible Payment Options at Ingles

Other Flexible Payment Options at Ingles

While Apple Pay is convenient, Ingles still provides various payment forms:

Credit CardsMajor networks like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted at all Ingles for flexible financing options.
Debit CardsBank-issued cards can access funds directly from your checking account when shopping at Ingles.
Ingles Gift CardsBoth physical and digital gift cards make it easy to pay with gifted Ingles credit.
Ingles Advantage CardMembers of the free loyalty program earn discounts on fuel and prescriptions when shopping at Ingles.
Online accepts online payment platforms like PayPal for those who prefer to shop from home.
CashCash payments are still accepted for added flexibility.


In summary, most Ingles grocery stores now accept Apple Pay thanks to implemented contactless terminals, providing customers with easy iPhone checkout. While not supported online yet, Apple Pay gives in-person Ingles shoppers a fast way to pay and earn rewards simultaneously. However, Ingles still offers flexible traditional payment options like cards and cash too. So, however your grocery run goes down, Ingles has you covered with payment choices to fit any preference! Give Apple Pay a try next time you’re getting cartloads at Ingles.


1) Is my payment information secure when I use Apple Pay at Ingles?
Yes, very secure! Apple Pay encrypts your card details and each transaction requires Face or Touch ID authorization. Ingles never sees your actual card number.

2) Does Ingles charge any extra fees for me to use Apple Pay?
No, Ingles does not charge additional fees to use Apple Pay versus other payment methods. The prices stay the same.

3) Can I use paper coupons when paying with Apple Pay at Ingles?
Yes, you can still use any paper coupons or loyalty cards when checking out with Apple Pay at Ingles. The cashier can apply discounts before you tap to pay.

4) Does every Ingles location accept Apple Pay?
While most Ingles spots have Apple Pay, some may not yet. Check your nearest store or call ahead to confirm Apple Pay acceptance.

5) Is Apple Pay contactless?
Yes, Apple Pay allows touch-free, contactless payment through NFC technology. You simply hold your iPhone near the terminal rather than inserting a card.

6) Can I use Apple Pay at Ingles gas stations?
Yes, most Ingles gas stations have contactless readers allowing you to pay for fuel quickly and easily with Apple Pay.

7) Do I need the Ingles app to use Apple Pay in-store?
No, you do not need any app to use Apple Pay for in-person shopping at Ingles. Just hold your iPhone near the payment terminal to pay from your Wallet app.

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