Does CVS Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does CVS Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

The rising popularity of mobile payment systems like Apple Pay has dramatically transformed the way we pay for purchases while on the go. With the ability to simply tap or scan your Apple Watch, iPhone or other smart device at checkout, you can now purchase items seamlessly and securely without the hassle of pulling out your physical wallet or cards.

Retailers all over have adopted contactless payment technology like Apple Pay. But do major pharmacy chains like CVS, a go-to destination for many everyday essentials, accept high-tech payment methods like Apple Pay? Let’s dive in and get the full details on how Apple Pay integrates into the CVS retail experience.


Yes, our research indicates that CVS accepts Apple Pay at all locations.

We researched and confirmed this by visiting the CVS branch at Fulton St, New York, NY, and successfully used Apple Pay on an iPhone to pay for items at the checkout counter. However, check CVS’s website for the latest Apple Pay policy, as this can change over time.

What is Apple Pay and How Does it Work?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment platform designed by Apple that enables you to make payments using your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It functions by letting you add your debit and credit cards to the Apple Wallet app.

To complete a payment, Apple Pay leverages NFC (near field communication) technology to safely transfer your card information from your device to the payment terminal. This allows for quick, seamless checkout without needing to take out physical cash or cards from your wallet.

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Overview of CVS Stores

Overview of CVS Stores

CVS is one of the biggest pharmacy and retail chains across the USA. CVS has 9,900+ stores countrywide. Originally starting as a pharmaceutical retailer, CVS has vastly grown its product selection over time.

Although you can still purchase prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications at CVS, they also sell grocery products, personal care and beauty items, household necessities and more now. CVS has transitioned into a one-stop shop for many common everyday items.

Does CVS Accept Apple Pay In-Store?

Does CVS Accept Apple Pay In-Store

Apple Pay is accepted for in-store payments at checkout counters at all CVS locations in the US. They have NFC-ready payment terminals that support contactless payments through Apple Pay and other mobile wallets.

To pay with Apple Pay at CVS, just add your debit or credit card to the Apple Wallet app on your Apple Watch, iPhone or other Apple device that supports it. When ready to pay, verify with Face ID, passcode or Touch ID, hold your device near the payment terminal and the transaction will instantly process.

Apple Pay is compatible with any iOS device that has it set up, including Apple Watches, iPhones and iPads. This makes checking out faster and smoother compared to sorting through your physical wallet or entering card details manually.

Paying With Apple Pay at CVS Self-Checkout

You can use Apple Pay at the self-checkout lanes at CVS stores too! The self-checkout payment terminals also support contactless payments like Apple Pay, so you can scan your items and checkout without any cash or cards.

When you get to the payment section on the self-checkout screen, look for the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Contactless Payment option. Hover your Apple Watch or iPhone over the payment area and it will vibrate and beep when detected. Finish payment confirmation with Face ID, passcode or Touch ID on your device. Using Apple Pay at self-checkout is fast, easy and keeps your card details secure. No more fussing with chip cards or PIN pads!

Does Apple Pay Work Online at CVS

Does Apple Pay Work Online at CVS

Unfortunately, while Apple Pay is accepted in all CVS pharmacy store locations, it is currently not supported for online payments on the CVS website ( or mobile app.

When checking out on, Apple Pay does not appear as an available payment method. You’ll have to enter your card details manually or use an alternative digital wallet like PayPal.

The option to pay with Apple Pay is missing from the CVS app as well. So, for now, you cannot use Apple Pay for delivery orders or other online purchases through CVS’s web and mobile platforms.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at CVS

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at CVS

Beyond the convenience of paying quickly with just your device, here are some nice perks you can enjoy by using Apple Pay at CVS:

  • Earn cash back rewards – When you add a supported Discover card to Apple Pay and use it to pay at CVS, you can get cash back on your purchases. Discover offers up to $120 daily cashback when used through Apple Pay.
  • Loyalty programs – If you’ve linked your ExtraCare rewards card to Apple Wallet, your rewards points will automatically apply at checkout when paying with Apple Pay.
  • Enhanced security – Apple Pay transactions use a unique one-time dynamic security code, so your actual card details are never shared with the store. This adds an extra layer of protection against fraud.
  • Organization – You can add multiple cards to Apple Pay and easily switch between them. No more fumbling through all your cards to find the right one!

Other Payment Methods Accepted at CVS

Other Payment Methods Accepted at CVS

CVS provides its customers with multiple payment options to choose from. The following are the payment options, in addition to Apple Pay, that you can use at CVS.

  • Contactless payments – Along with Apple Pay, you can also pay using other mobile wallets like Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Just hold your device near the payment terminal.
  • Chip cards – CVS takes both credit and debit chip cards. Insert your chip card into the terminal and leave it there while the transaction processes.
  • Magnetic stripe cards – Swipe your old-fashioned magnetic stripe debit cards or credit cards as usual. Signature or PIN may be required.
  • CVS gift cards – Purchase or load a CVS gift card ahead of time and scan it at checkout to pay for your items.
  • Cash – Cash payments are still accepted at CVS pharmacy locations.


To wrap up, CVS does accept Apple Pay in all its US pharmacy locations for convenient in-store checkout using your Apple Watch, iPhone or other Apple device. However, Apple Pay is not yet enabled for online payments through their website and app.

Give Apple Pay a try on your next CVS pharmacy run to see just how fast and easy it is! With more places than ever accepting contactless payments, you may be able to leave your physical wallet behind and pay with just your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Does CVS take Apple Pay online?
No, CVS does not accept Apple Pay for online orders through their website or mobile app. You’ll need to use another payment method like a physical card or PayPal.

2) Can I receive cash back with Apple Pay at CVS?
Yes, you can obtain cash back perks when paying with a Discover debit card registered to Apple Pay and selecting it during checkout at CVS locations.

3) Do I need a CVS ExtraCare card for Apple Pay rewards?
No, you can add your ExtraCare rewards card directly to the Apple Wallet app and earn points automatically when paying in-store at CVS using Apple Pay.

4) Is Apple Pay secure to use at CVS?
Yes, Apple Pay is secure to use at CVS because it utilizes tokenization and a unique one-time code for each transaction, so your actual card details are never shared.

5) Does CVS accept other contactless payments like Google Pay?
Yes, in addition to Apple Pay, CVS also accepts contactless payments through other mobile wallets like Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

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