Here’s 69 New Emoji Coming To Unicode 10 This Summer

In November, the Unicode Consortium previewed 51 emoji that are being planned to be released this summer. Now, the consortium has has updated the list with a total of 69 emojis. It’ll likely be coming to iOS later in the release cycle.

Emoji 5.0 is the complete list of new emojis planned for release in mid-2017.

This update is currently in draft status, and currently includes emojis from Unicode 10.0, as well as flags for England, Scotland, Wales, and gender variations for characters such as Mage, Vampire, and Person Climbing.

Also listed as part of this release are details of which new emojis support skin tone modifiers.

At this point it’s unclear when Apple will implement the emojis in its operating system. We’re unsure if it’s too late for Apple to implement them in iOS 11, if not in an iteration of iOS 11 for sure.

Here’s the full list:

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