KGI Apple Will Not Switch Over To USB-C On IPhone 8, But Will Support Faster Charging Over Lightning

KGI says that the new iPhone will not have a USB-C port on them, contradicting a report from earlier this week from the Wall Street Journal saying so.

KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo says that all three models of the iPhone (dubbed iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8) will retain the existing Lightning port. However, Apple will make internal upgrades that will add fast charging capabilities.

Apparently, Apple will be modifying the power management technologies in the iPhone that will add new ‘fast charging’ capabilities. This would bring the same USB-C power delivery features without changing the physical connector from Lightning to USB-C.

To accomplish this, Apple will be sourcing new components from Texas Instruments and Cypress. Also, the new L-shaped battery technology in the iPhone 8 will enable faster charging as well.

Kuo says that whilst he USB-C port would be capable of providing faster charging than the current maximum speed of Lightning USB 3, it’s not a big enough reason for Apple to change the connector on the iPhone, stating that it’s a ‘niche application’.

KGI says that there are two reasons why Apple is holding back on switching to USB-C: MFi royalties from the iOS accessory ecosystem, and form factor. The USB-C port is larger than the Lightning port.

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