IPhone 8 Might Feature Latest PowerVR Furian Chipset Technology

Imagination Technologies, a company that manufactures graphics hardware and software, has recently unveiled its latest graphics processing architecture. The new technology is called PowerVR Furian and might just be expected to appear on future iPhone models.

The PowerVR Furian comes with new improvements compared to Imagination’s currently available technology. It has a greater fillrate density of 80% and GFLOPS density of 35%. As a result, there is a noticeable improvement on performance in the day-to-day casual gaming and interface experience of the user.

Additionally, the chipset technology has an improved gaming density of 70-90%. This makes it more suitable for even the most demanding games played on smartphones. Because of its power, the technology is intended for use for games that use virtual reality or augmented reality.

Considering the fact that the firm’s technologies have been seen in past A-series chips manufactured by Apple, it’s likely possible that a modified version of the GPU would be seen on future iPhone models. In both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple used the predecessor of the GPU technology called PowerVR Rogue in its A10 chipset.

Imagination’s latest graphics technology is expected to launch in mid 2017. If it stays within this schedule, it won’t be long before it makes its debut inside the iPhone 8 devices rumored to launch this year.

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