IOS 10.3 Comes With Improved Features For Ratings And Review Responses On The App Store

Earlier today, Apple released the latest update to iOS 10.3. In line with this release, the company has given more information on support for developers who engage with users in the App Store’s Reviews section.

This help comes after Apple’s previous announcement that developers will not be able to reply to app reviews. Now that the company has given more details, it can give developers more information that could help them.

As released through its developer blog, Apple highlighted two new features that are available with its StoreKit API in iOS 10.3. The company first announced that the API lets customers to leave behind ratings and reviews on the App Store without leaving the app of the developer. Through this new feature, Apple hopes that there will be a higher amount of reviews and ratings left behind by customers.

The next feature announced by the company related to developers who liked to reply to reviews. Whenever a developer leaves a reply on a review, the user will be notified regarding this. Through this feature, the user is given the option to go back to his feedback and update it as he deems fit.

Apple’s new ratings and reviews features gives developers and users a chance to engage more with one another. And for app developers, this can mean a great deal.

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