Eddy Cue Reportedly Met With Sony & Paramount Execs, Plans On Having A ‘Transformative Acquisition’

The New York Post reports that Eddy Cue has spent the last few weeks reaching out to major TV and film studios. The report notes that Cue met with execs from Paramount and Sony TV however the details remain unclear.

The report cites an unnamed source who says that Apple is planning “something big” in terms of original content. One executive left a meeting with Cue under the impression that Apple was looking for a “transformative acquisition and not just a deal to buy TV shows.”

However, today’s report also says that Apple’s vision is a bit muddy right now. Hollywood executives seem to be unclear as to who is leading Apple’s efforts in the original content space as Eddy Cue, Jimmy Iovine, and Robert Kondrk are all talking to different people.

“Robert Kondrk, Eddy Cue, Jimmy Iovine, everyone is trying to be the person,” one insider told The Post. “They each want to be the guy, and they’re telling people, don’t deal with the other one.”

“Eddy is talking to some people. Jimmy is talking to others,” noted a second insider. “They just haven’t figured it out.”

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