A graphic artist recently created a new iOS 11 concept video on potential new features Apple could be adding to its latest software update. The video, created by Jacek Zięba, showcases new features that many are hoping would arrive on iOS 11. These features include group FaceTime calling, dark mode, and iPhone split screen apps.

For quite some time now, many have been wishing that Apple would include a system wide dark mode on iOS. The potential of such a feature has been imagined by Zięba on the video he created by coming up with a Night Mode that flawlessly changes the theme on different apps. Since Theater Mode has been introduced, it’s only a matter of time before Apple integrates a dark mode on iOS. Hopefully, it would be this year.

Back in January, there was a claim that Apple was working on introducing a group FaceTime video calling feature for iOS 11. Using this idea, Zięba imagined what it would be like by having a split view on the screen with a floating picture-in-picture window.

Apart from dark mode and group FaceTime video calling, Zięba showcases how multiple user accounts would be like on an iOS device. As imagined by the video creator, a hidden user tray would be accessible through the lock screen. Currently, this feature is already available on iPads in the classroom. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to iOS 10 education.

The split screen feature imagined by the graphic artist is largely similar to Android as it has a video playback and an app picker for the iPad. This is a feature that could largely be available on the rumored 5.8-inch iPhone. Other features envisioned by the video creator include improved 3D Touch Control Center support, rotation lock for video players, game mode for alerts, and

As of now, there’s no word on which of these envisioned features will be available on the upcoming iOS 11 update. But with WWDC 2017 set to take center stage on June 5th, it’s interesting to see just what Apple has lined up for the event.

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