Apple Music Execs: ‘Beats 1 Is The Largest Radio Station In The World’

Apple Music Execs ‘Beats 1 Is The Largest Radio Station In The World’

This week Apple Music executives Jimmy Iovine, Robert Kondrk, and Zane Lowe sat down with The Verge to talk about their progress with Beats 1.

Apple VP of apps and content Robert Kondrk and Apple Music head of content Larry Jackson says that Apple Music has replaced services such as SoundCloud for artists such as Drake. The rapper has gone from posting new music on SoundCloud to debuting them on a Beats 1 show, “OVO Sound Radio.”

Jackson explained that Drake took a very huge risk with Apple Music. “We weren’t a proven hit, we weren’t a proven entity at all, whatsoever,” he explained. Jimmy Iovine says that Apple has worked to build Beats 1 around what Drake wants and needs.

“We learned so much from just building what Drake needed,” Iovine added. “He had the idea, we kind of just built and supported around him, and we’ve learned a lot from that, and the entire industry has learned a lot from that.”

The execs also elaborated on the reach and availability of Beats 1. Larry Jackson says that Beats 1 is the “biggest radio station in the world.” Jackson’s comment is notable as many have questioned the success of Beats 1.

“It’s the biggest radio station in the world. There’s no way you’re going to find another station that has as many concurrent listeners and audience-wise as Beats 1, period,” Jackson said.

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